Enhancing Education in Learning Institutions

When management and reporting are well taken care of, maximum time goes in as input to the learning process. At JBS, this is the motivation.

The Web App The Desktop App

Our future is as we create it..

We are all in, and by facilitating communication between teachers, parents and students via web portals, SMS, Emails, USSD and more, we enable each to deliver their best as input.



We have mastered the routines of operations in the learning institutions, and translated them into seamless automated processes - JBS.


Analytical, Informing

Clear and detailed reports inform prosperity. This entails pointing out every detail in academic performance, showing the effect of financial and co-curricular trends.


Exact to the Desired

We all desire progress - excellence. A young generation nurtured with inclusivity and clarity is the seed of a prosperous nation.


A shared database operated via a smart-n-simple application, that contains office-defined user accounts, and avails a one-step data mining process.

  • Exams & Academics management.
  • Fees and Accounts with Stores manager
  • Administration module with letters, cards and certificates
  • Self-registration of students at admissions.jbs.co.ke
  • Graphical representations of data for classes, groups or a student
  • End reports as resultslips, report cards and transcripts
  • Individual user accounts with user trail auditing
  • All content customizable, no presets
  • e.t.c


Any-time access of information via SMS (push), USSD (pull) - *483*444# , Telegram (pull), and an online portal with inter-school student interaction.

  • Instant messaging via SMS, Email and Telegram bot
  • Post, receive back and mark assignments
  • Share e-learning content as documents, videos and images
  • Staff & parents' noticeboards, accessible via portal, USSD, telegram bot
  • Inter-school student discussion forums
  • Career guide content with courses and universities
  • e.t.c


All our products can be purchased on our web store, https://shop.jbs.co.ke.


Desktop App

KES 45,000

The pro package with all JBS features. Price is exclusive of implementation costs. See full features list..

  • Academics module with timetabler
  • Accounts module with stores manager
  • Library and course books manager
  • All the JBS Extras

Web App

KES 5,000 /3months

While this is the price for an average school with about 500 students, the price of this product is based on student population.

Kindly find the exact amount for your school on our web store.

  • Teachers' portal with all* JBS features
  • Parents' / Students' portal
  • SMS, Email and Telegram Integration